Return Of Caleb: A Jock Fucker's Video

Added 1/4/2013 by Maverick
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YES! Caleb is back for more hot fucking! This jock puppy is so so hot and you guys liked him so much that we decided to have him back for more fun. He's a local boy that just can't seem to get enough MaverickMen love. He casually hit us up one afternoon to say hi and I knew what that meant; he wanted some more. I suggested that we do another vid and he was very eager to show off his gym-boy bod and freshly-shaved mohawk haircut. And he wore his new jock strap, complete with sweaty cup! Caleb is just too fucking sexy and cute for words. Hunter and I can't stop eating him up! I loved teasing him as he checked out my basket; he turned bright red. It's so so hot when a horny jock gets all shy. After our fun little photo shoot, we took him upstairs for some long over-do fucking. Hunter could not get over how good this boy smells - sweaty balls and jock scent is heaven on earth to us. After we explored his hot bod, I made him take out his fat uncut cock and I sucked it like it was my job. I noticed that his foreskin was a bit sensitive so I eased up and loved it. I had the sneaky suspicion that this butch boy loves to suck cock more than get sucked, which is fine with us, and Caleb happily got down on his knees to work on both our cocks. After a long oral session of fat cock gobbling his cheeks were flush and he needed some good ass fucking. Right there on our couch we pulled his sweats off and fucked his sweet hole till we all blasted all over the place - and he licked it all up!
Return Of Caleb: A Jock Fucker's Video
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